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The Getaway concept

The Getaway Way

Over the last 20+ years, we have helped thousands of hopeful fishermen chase their piscatorial dreams. On rivers and lakes, in blue water and on the flats and in more than thirty different countries. We have made mistakes, enjoyed successes, suffered through hard times and celebrated good times. We have met so many wonderful people and made so many good friends along the way.

Over these two decades, we have found our way: The Getaway Way.

We no longer offer a wide range of destinations. We can’t be everything for everyone and we can’t know too many destinations intimately. Instead, we have narrowed it down to our favourite destinations. Destinations where we, in collaboration with strong local partners, can run the fishing program and create a fly fishing experience that we would like to buy ourselves.

We like good food and appreciate great accommodations. But through more than two decades of doing this, our goal has always stayed the same: It’s first and foremost about the best possible fishing.

It’s The Getaway Way.

P. S. Great fishing can only stay great if we maintain the natural resources. We design our programs with focus on long-term sustainability and we always practice catch & release fishing.