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The getaway concept


More than fifteen years ago we ran a fishing magazine. One of our staff writers came back from a successful trip – the fishing was great and it was great value for money. So, we got this little idea: Why not try to do a reader’s trip?

We announced the first reader’s trip the following fall. It was fully booked in no time and we had to follow up with two more trips that season. A few seasons later we had more than a hundred clients per season, and new destinations were catching on well.

Being dedicated fishermen ourselves, we have never tried anything else but giving sound and honest advice about the destinations we are offering. Combining that with attention to detail and respect for our clients hard earned spare time and money turned out to be a pretty good way to enter the fishing travel business.

What started out as a reader’s trip was suddenly growing bigger than the actual magazine. It was time to establish a full-time fishing travel agency – hence GetAway Tours was born.

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We don’t market lots of different lodges, operations and guides but only those we believe are the best in their category of fishing. If a fishery declines and we no longer feel the destination is good value for money we remove it from our program.

By focusing on relatively few destinations we can be deeply involved in each operation; suggesting adjustments or improvements where needed so we end up with the best possible product for our clients. These are the actual trips we would choose ourselves when going after bonefish, GT, arctic char, steelhead, king salmon or tarpon. They are simply our favourite Getaways!

Getaway Fly Fishing is a part of Getaway Tours. We are based in Denmark and have been sending anglers to exciting destinations across the globe since 2001. We work closely with fly shops all over Europe.

All Getaway Fly Fishing clients are covered by our membership (member no. 2907) of The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.