Within Europe, it’s typically straightforward to initiate a transaction from your bank or payment service to the IBAN account listed at the bottom of your Getaway invoice.

Please ensure to include the invoice number with your payment and account for any bank fees to ensure that we receive the exact amount indicated on the invoice.

Outside of Europe, the process can be a bit more intricate as banks tend to adhere to strict regulations, particularly concerning the risk of money laundering. 

At times, making payments may require a visit to the bank in person, and occasionally, they may insist on verifying the account number via phone call before initiating the transfer.

For a smoother experience, we strongly recommend using Wise

It’s a secure payment service that offers speed, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity compared to traditional bank transfers.


We do not accept payments via credit cards or PayPal. 

These methods incur fees ranging from 5-6%, which would inevitably be added to your invoice. This would effectively nullify the notion of “free” travel insurance included with credit card payments.


Account Holder Name:  Getaway Fly Fishing

Account Holder Address:
Kollegievej 17
2920 Charlottenlund

Registration Number: 7312 (usually not needed when using the SWIFT code)
Account Number: 1026782 (not needed when using the IBAN code)
IBAN: DK2373120001026782
SWIFT: JYBADKKK (if your online banking system requires 11 digits, please use JYBADKKKXXX)

Bank Name: Jyske Bank

Bank Address:
Store Kongensgade 1
1264 Copenhagen K

Note: When using the SWIFT code, it may display another bank address (Vesterbrogade 9, Copenhagen). Both addresses are valid.

If you have any questions regarding making a payment, feel free to reach out. We’re here to assist you.